Target Industries

Established in 1798, Ohio County, KY is rich in aviation, manufacturing, agriculture, timber and coal, tourism and of course live bluegrass music. The heart of the county, Hartford, quickly became the riverport and mill town because of the heavy traffic flow down the Green and Rough rivers. Today, the river still generates a lot of activity, only this time, it is centered around tourism, local recreation and entertainment. In fact, one of Ohio County’s emerging industries is tourism, due to the river access and the county’s designation as the birthplace of bluegrass music. 

Ohio County is also leading the state in agricultural production in areas like corn, soy and poultry.  With the very first bourbon distillery being born on the banks of the Ohio River, and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail hosting over 18 distilleries, this region is also prime for growth in the spirits industry. For example, small manufacturers wishing to supply Kentucky’s bourbon industry would do well to locate here, as would other spirits manufacturers and even local breweries who wish to plug into the industry ecosystem and its tourism opportunities. 

Other target industries include:

Aviation - Kentucky is the second largest aerospace exporter in the United States. Locating in Ohio County provides businesses with access to nearby aerospace manufacturers, along with a local airport.

Manufacturing - Ohio County, KY is home to manufacturing companies, in part due to our affordable commercial real estate and prime location near major metropolitan areas. In addition to having property ready to develop, our pro-business environment makes it easy for manufacturing companies to set up shop and start producing.

Agriculture - Historically, Ohio County has been a hub for agricultural companies and attracted both small scale farmers and large companies like Perdue Farms. Our fertile soil is ideal for maximizing crop output and our location makes it easy to transport food to the rest of the United Stages. 

While these target industries can plug into an existing ecosystem of like-minded businesses, other industries are also thriving here and are invited to join us.

Ohio County, KY Location Benefits 

The aviation, manufacturing, automotive, agriculture, tourism, music and spirits industries can all benefit by locating in Ohio County. Location benefits include a low cost of doing business, low tax rates, available commercial real estate, a strong workforce, transportation access and a location that makes it possible to reach the majority of the United States within a day’s drive.