Ohio County, Kentucky Genealogy Search Tools

Anyone looking for Ohio County, Kentucky genealogy search tools should browse the many resources listed below. Many families have lived in Ohio County for decades and can trace their roots back to the farmers who settled in the area after the county was first organized in 1798. 

The county seat of Ohio County is Hartford and though the city has grown, many people continue to live in the surrounding area and farmland. Historically, Ohio County, Kentucky was known for farming so those searching for genealogical information will often find that their roots tie back to the land - land that continues to bear fruit today. Ohio County is still one of the largest producers of crops like corn in the country. 


Ohio County, Kentucky Genealogy

We have prepared a list of resources for anyone looking for Ohio County, KY birth records, marriage records, death records and other ancestry or genealogy records. We also suggest visiting the Ohio County library since they have a wealth of information available at no charge. 

History of Ohio County, Kentucky

Named for the Ohio River, the county has always provided rich recreational opportunities that include fishing and boating. The river has also served as a reliable water source for residents and businesses. In fact, the river traffic was key for promoting the county’s growth.

Learn more about the history of Ohio County, KY here. 


Resources for a Genealogy Search in Ohio County, Kentucky:



Ohio County, Kentucky Census Data

For those interested in finding current data on Ohio County, Kentucky, this updated census information is useful.  In addition, uuqvjl.ceccodanti.com has history, current community profiles, updated demographic data, Ohio County major employers, Ohio County school information, Ohio County business information and updated news for the area.